Invoice No:
Invoice Date:
No of Days: 15 Days
KM up to: 1500 KM
Price: $65 / Day
Car: Creta (Hyundai)
Category: Economy
Type: 4 Seat Economy
Start Date: 15 April 2023
End Date: 30 April 2023
Drive Mode: Manually
Out Km: 1800 Km
In Km: 3300 Km
Security Deposit: $3000


Hire’s Info

Name: Alex Smith
Date of Birth: 05 Frb 1981
Contact: +1-234-567-8899
Account Number: TB5689451236
Passport No: AA123456
Address: 2 Honk Road, New York, USA

Driver’s Info

Driver Name: Alex Smith
Driving License No: LM25080
Contact: +1-234-567-8899
Expire Date: 20 April 2028
Details Price Days Total
Rent for 15 Day (Inclusive of theft protection and
Collision Damage Waiver)
$65 15 $975.00

Additional Information:

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Sub Total: $975.00
Tax (18%) $175.50
Grand Total: $1150.50
Payment Details: Credit Card **928
Date: 30/11/2022
Transaction ID: TD23651456
Amount: $1150.50
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Alex Morris

Rental Manager

Thank you for choosing to 🚗 travelling 🚗 with us. See you soon 🙂


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